Natalia Dinsel-Bondarenko is a self-taught visual artist, who currently lives and works  on the Mediterranean Island of Mallorca. The artist’s second career is in the field of psychology and her intuitive art is the expression of her understanding of the total interconnectedness in life.

Her paintings are very personal, channeling her thoughts and emotions from brush to canvas via paint and intuitive gestures. Inspired by meditations, music and her life experiences Natalia creates paintings with the subtle yet powerful positive vibes. Her paintings invite the viewer to look beyond the horizon and to reflect.

Philosophical view on the meaning of life and on the human’s pursuit of happiness is building the basis of her artistic expression. The major theme of her work is the exploration of the idea of boundlessness. Through painting Natalia found her way to capture and explore the ‘invisible’.

Using only the finest materials and experimenting with technique the artist creates very colourful and vibrant works. To protect each painting from sunlight and dust, she finishes each piece with a varnish. The special texturing and its three dimensional effect has a definite wow factor.

The work of Natalia Dinsel-Bondarenko can be found in both corporate and private collections around the world. Her paintings make you pause for a moment and sense the depth of life. 



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