Artist Statement

Philosophical view on the meaning of life and on the human’s pursuit of happiness is building the basis of my artistic expression. My art tries to invite the viewer to look beyond the horizon and to reflect. All of my paintings have many layers. Sometimes I hide the previous layers completely, but in most of the cases I let the viewer recognise my symbolic idea of the complexity of our multilayered life. Layer by layer the painting (like our life) changes its look, the colours change too, but the previous layers can still be seen through. It‘s my symbolic way of expressing how our life experiences are forming our life journey.

Through my artworks I try to transmit how important is the simple joy that children feel, but that we gradually lost as we grow up. The major theme of my work is the exploration of the idea of boundlessness. Through painting I found my way to capture and explore the ‘invisible’.

My paintings are very personal, channeling my thoughts and emotions from brush to canvas via paint and intuitive gestures. Inspired by meditations, music and my life experiences I try to create paintings with the subtle yet powerful positive vibes. Every painting is the expression of my mind at this very moment. It‘s a snap- shot of my thoughts and my emotions. Therefore there are no look-alike paintings in my collection. They are all different. They are all unique.

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